(Photo courtesy of Orange County Regional History Center)

Thank you!
Thank you to everyone who joined us for an evening of friendship and memories at Throwback Orlando! Your being with old friends and supporting JFS Orlando is truly the definition of “community”.

Your contributions to JFS Orlando help provide food to those who are hungry, transportation to the elderly and disabled to get to a doctor, education to families who are a breath away from being homeless due in part to not understanding how to manage finances, counseling to help our neighbors who have no one to turn to when trying to work through difficult times, and a Rabbi to guide our community’s spiritual needs in difficult times in their lives.

We are JFS Orlando and we are able to do these things because of YOU. Thank you. It was wonderful to see you on Saturday and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Couldn’t make it?

Couldn’t make the event? We’re sorry you couldn’t join us. Your event donation is greatly appreciated and will still benefit those in need in the Orlando community.


Thank you to our sponsors!

Ms. Lynn Minkow and Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Rhonda Pearlman

Beacham Theater
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Judith Hara, the Joseph Hara Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Neil and Malka Webman
The Weiner Family
The Weinreich Family
Mr. Terry Weiss and Mrs. Barbara Hara Weiss

Tangerine Bowl
Mr. and Mrs. Martin and Emily Glickstein
Ms. Rosalie Levy
Mr. Robert Mandell
Mr. and Mrs. Marc and Laurie Shader Smith, Personal Mini Storage

Tinker Field
Mr. Brian Albertson
Mr. Don Altshuler
Ms. Roz Fuchs
Mr. Larry Gutter and Mrs. Debbie Meitin
Mrs. Judy Kahan and Mr. Elliott Davis
Ms. Briana Lang, Working Lunch Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Elizabeth Oser
Ms. Marcy Schiff Brown and Mr. Jay Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Marty and Hope Sherman
Dr. and Mrs. Louis and Sara Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Marcia Webman
Mrs. Ellen Wise Lang

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