Client Testimonials

“I’m alone for the first time in my life”, says Joyce. “I’ve outlived my husband and our money. I’m living on his social security and it’s just not enough. I’m trying to save where ever I can. Everything is so expensive. I don’t drive anymore. Getting a ride from JFS Orlando to my doctor appointments, and not being aggravated, has been wonderful.”

~Joyce Sirota, R.I.D.E. client

Dear Jewish Family Services: Today my wife and I received food from your pantry. Thank you so very much. Last September, I was diagnosed with tongue cancer. At that time, I also had 7 blood clots in my left leg. Thankfully, G-d healed me of the cancer. If you have, or know of anyone that has had cancer and blood clots, they will tell you that the medicines are very costly. Your food gifts have allowed me to continue to purchase the RX medicines I need to stay alive. Thank you for caring for people you do not even know, expecting nothing in return. My G-d richly bless you as you do His will.

~ A client whose name is withheld in respect for their privacy.

“Before I met my JFS Orlando Case Manager, life had been a downward spiral. I told him I was looking for a way to start over. He patiently listened to my story, then touched my hand and said, ‘We can help you.’ Now, for the first time in months, we have hope. It’s hard to put into a few words the feeling of being whole again.”

~ Christine, FSP Client

“JFS Orlando’s emergency services helped us maintain our home, saved us from eviction and having the electricity turned off, and kept food on the table.”

~ Laticia and Darrell, Emergency Services Clients

“My husband and I aren’t able to drive, which makes it difficult to get anywhere. I’m very, very grateful for JFS Orlando’s RIDE program. I used to miss a lot of appointments, but now I’m happy to know this service is available when I need it.”

~ Francine, RIDE Program Participant
“Your staff treated me with decency and respect, and the food was fulfilling and nutritious. Thank you!”
 ~ Pearlman Food Pantry Client