At JFS Orlando, we know that not all families are “traditional,” and that these families come from many walks of life. With Father’s Day fast approaching, no matter the make-up of your family, there’s one common thread across the board when it comes to families: support. JFS Orlando assists nearly 10,000 people each year through the Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry, Counseling Center for Growth and Development, Family Stabilization Program and other emergency services.

The Meatball Man Speaks

By Jeff Morgia, owner of The Meatball Shoppe

TheMeatballShoppe-Logo-Final-resizedlIn honor of father’s everywhere, Jeff Morgia, owner of The Meatball Shoppe and JFS Orlando partner, writes about the commonalities of father’s and meatballs.

Meatballs and fathers … How could the two have anything in common? Well they do – warmth, comfort and tradition. A Father has many ingredients, and sometimes a little spice that defines him. When you put all of these together and blend you have an amazing result, no two the same. A meatball and a father … they have warmth, comfort and make you smile.

Here’s a recipe from my wife, Chef Isabella, for family love!

One hand full of Passion
One hand full of Love
Two handfuls of Prayer
Two handfuls of Forgiveness and Grace
Two handfuls of Loyalty
A huge handful of Famiglia

Gently blend all these ingredients together and you have the greatest recipe of them all … A happy healthy famiglia that comes with a side of your dreams becoming a reality!

Isabella and Jeff

Jeff and Isabella

Happy Father’s Day!

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