Thank you to all who supported our Summer Family FUNdraiser! Your generosity will support our Family Stabilization Program (FSP), a homelessness prevention program that teaches families tools to be successful and self-sufficient in the long-term.

The Family Stabilization Program (FSP) is a holistic program with a proven track-record:


Dennis and Danni’s Story

“My husband and I always thought ourselves as stable people. We paid our bills on time and had lived in the same apartment for 6 years. Then… my husband Dennis lost his job, and we couldn’t afford the rent. My husband, our two young boys and I moved into a run-down motel surrounded by violence and illegal activity. We were living paycheck to paycheck with little hope, and not knowing how to improve our situation. Our boys had to share a bed and were frequently woken up in the middle of the night by noisy, intoxicated neighbors. We knew this wasn’t good for them, but we were limited to what we could afford.

When we came to the Family Stabilization Program we had just become homeless. All the staff at JFS were very friendly, supportive and real with us. I always felt like they cared about us as people, and made it easy to complete the program. Workshops were fresh, and helped solve real problems. Rather than just teaching us how to make a budget, they also taught us how to repair our credit, deal with student loans, and housing debt. They have an amazing network of resources available and are dedicated to help with housing, employment, health care and anything that is a barrier to self sufficiency. Without this program we would likely have been stuck in homelessness and poverty for a much longer time.”


Gerline’s Story

Baby Nicolette and little Phillip Jr. are the shining spots and the motivation for Gerline and her husband, Phillip. “That’s what I’m fighting for everyday,” she says. “For me and my itty-bittys and my husband. He’s not giving up and I’m not either. When I look at them, it’s all worth it.” She looked online for help and found JFS Orlando’s Family Stabilization Program (FSP). “Keyword: stability,” says Gerline. “Enough was enough. I needed a change for my little ones and for me. I decided I was going to go ahead and focus on our stability.”

Gerline is still in FSP, but is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for her family. “None of this would have been possible if not for Mrs. Clelie and JFS. You guys are the most patient and realistic. To have your mom turn her back on you, and your own sisters and brothers, it’s hard to even trust someone who isn’t blood. But Mrs. Clelie made me feel like I’d known her forever. It made me feel like I had a mom in her. You can say, she stabilized my home!”


Regan’s Story

Between raising five children, at one point working two jobs, and studying for her MBA, it’s a wonder how Regan can do it all. “Time management!” she says. “It’s all time-management.”

Things were in disarray, though, when Regan came to JFS Orlando. Not only was she supporting her five children, all under twelve years old, but one of her sons was diagnosed with a medical condition. She ended up missing work in order to take care of him. Financial issues started popping up and she couldn’t keep making ends meet. When she saw a flyer about JFS Orlando’s Family Stabilization Program (FSP) at her daughter’s doctor’s office, she knew this was something she needed to do. “I decided to participate in FSP because I thought it would be beneficial for me and my family. I felt like it would be a good way to get back on track.”

Regan is grateful for the guidance, resources, and support she received from JFS when she needed it the most. “They really take the time and put a lot into you,” she says. “They help build your confidence if you don’t have confidence. If you’re going through something, you have a safe place to talk about it. There’s no reason to be ashamed about what you’re going through. It’s a really comfortable place; it’s a safe zone.”