This summer, JFS Orlando aims to raise $10,000 for its Family Stabilization Program (FSP), a homelessness prevention program that teaches families tools to be successful and self-sufficient in the long-term.

FSP is a holistic program with a proven track-record.



Angela’s Story

Angela moved to Florida in 2015 with three children. They lived in a hotel and, when money ran out, “couch-surfed” while they looked for housing. “I was embarrassed of our situation. I [now] feel proud of myself, I feel accomplished. I can open up the door to my own place and cook my own meals. It’s the little things like that you take for granted. I am so grateful for JFS Orlando. The food, the classes, the counseling – I needed it all. You all were here in my darkest times and helped me pull through.”



Homelessness is a prevalent problem in Central Florida caused by many factors, including loss of income, domestic violence, and lack of affordable housing…

There’s only 1 affordable rental per 13 low-income families in Central Florida.

(Source: Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida)

…but it is a problem you can help alleviate. Help us fight homelessness by using FUN activities, like:

Game Night Pool Party Birthday Fundraiser
Invite your friends over for a game night and collect the winnings as a donation. Host a pool party at your house and “charge” admission as a donation to the fundraiser. Ask for donations instead of presents this year to support homelessness prevention.


Help a family fight homelessness by donating to the Family Stabilization Program today!