“There is so much positive energy at JFS Orlando. Everyone here is so nice and wants me to succeed. They taught me that I was worthy of having people around me that wanted me to be myself. They see me as having value”, says Yolanda. “Life’s been hard. I’m a single mom. I have a job as a school crossing guard. I love what I do. I love waving at the children each morning, but I know I need to do more. JFS taught me that I can be more. The classes here have taught me different ways of looking at opportunities. They have taught me how to be more natural with networking and therefore, be more productive. I’m also getting my credit back on track. Thank you, JFS Orlando.”

Yolanda is one of many enrolled in the Family Stabilization Program, a six-month case management program for low-income families designed to improve financial stability and self-sufficiency.

The people who come to JFS Orlando are struggling. They are facing poverty, hunger, homelessness and other significant issues. Regardless of the circumstances that bring people to our doors, JFS Orlando is here to lend a helping hand. JFS Orlando takes a holistic approach to helping individuals and families, like Yolanda, improve their situation with an eye on the long-term solution.

Your donation allows us to continue to help repair the world, one person at a time.

We ask for your generosity to allow us the honor to serve those in need.