Linda BrownLinda’s family depends on her, including a 7 month old grandchild that she has custody of while her son is incarcerated. Linda suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. She went on disability when she was first diagnosed, but with the illness could only find temporary work. She came to JFS Orlando on the brink of eviction. Linda found hope when she enrolled in the Family Stabilization Program.

“Doors were closing. I didn’t know what to do. At JFS Orlando, I found positive people who wanted to help me out of my situation. They helped me catch up on my rent so our family could stay together. The classes showed me the road to recovery. They taught me how to write a resume, and how to get my credit back. I also learned about different schooling opportunities. I recently got my forklift operators certification and am working full-time at a warehouse. I am planning on getting my GED in the spring, and, as soon as my credit score improves, I plan on buying a house. Thank you, JFS.”