IMG_1002When Judy’s husband of 42 years was diagnosed with cancer, she was devastated. She vowed to be there for him. She struggled with him through chemotherapy and surgery. Four months later he was gone. She felt paralyzed. She cried nonstop. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. She’d open his closet doors knowing that she should do something with his things, yet couldn’t. She thought she was losing her mind. One day while at synagogue, she saw a flyer for a grief support program being offered through JFS Orlando. A friend encouraged her to attend. “Going through the support group was a lifeline for me. It made me feel normal again. By listening to others share their story, I learned what I was feeling was normal. We cried. We hugged. We cried some more. They became my friends. This was the beginning of the healing. I still feel sad and feel the loss, but I know now that these feelings are part of the grief process. I recommend the support group for anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one.”