Here is one reason that happened recently that is too sweet not to share…


Today, Norma A called to book a ride to the VA Clinic for her husband, Joel.

Norma explained that their doctors of many years, and who are very close to their house, are no longer taking their insurance.  Not being able to get to Joel’s doctor’s appointments was making them very upset and concerned.

After we were finished booking the RIDE Norma said “Hold on my husband wants to talk to you.”

Joel came on the phone and said in an emotional voice that is not common when talking to the male clients…“Thank you so much for everything you and JFS does for us and if there is anything a handy, old, crippled man can do for you or JFS, please let me know.  I was quite handy in my younger days, not so much anymore,  but there are still a few things I can still do.”  

JFS Orlando is happy that through the RIDE (Reliable Independent Drivers for the Elderly) Program, we provide round-trip rides to medical appointments for elderly or disabled adults at no cost to clients. This, in turn, increases life expectancy, quality of life and independence, promoting well-being and improving access to healthcare for program participants.