I received assistance from the pantry today. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I have autism, and- as often as not, when I’m very moved, my words come out wrong as much as I mean right. I hope what comes through is the blessing I feel, and the thanks. I get my VA benefits on the first of the month, and due to some extra bills and the Hurricane at the beginning of the month, I had no food money this month. I stretched my cupboard out as far as it would go, but I was scared. The last five days of the month had two small bags of dried beans in store for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I’m terrible at making beans. I am historically awful at beans. Overcooking, undercooking, kitchen fires. I’ve only had to ask for food aid a couple of times in my life. And I have a panic disorder. I’m often afraid to leave the house. I made it to the pantry, it was near my house. I filled out some forms and showed my id. The people working there were nice. I was given a beautiful small cart of groceries. Four bags full! I nearly cried. Bread, soup, milk (!) and produce (!) and peanut butter and canned vegetables and fruit and PROTIENS! Meat! Canned and frozen. And Halloween cookies! I know you give help to people of all faiths. I was touched to the deep part of me. Thank you.