“I went to JFS at a very low time in my life. I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship 6 months prior and had lost many of my possessions and all of my savings. I had a job but was feeling very hopeless and not sure how to get out of the debt that was starting to pile up after an accident left me with many medical bills.
Working with the people there I was able to setup a plan and goals to start the upward journey. They provided classes for how to do networking, build a resume, and most important for me was on building a budget and how to build good credit.
I was also provided with a one – on – one meeting with a debt consolidation company that looked over my assets and bills. They advised me on possible solutions on how to obtain the goals I wanted to work for.

I was offered support both physically (food pantry / utilities and rent assistance) and mental support (professional counselors) I worked with my case worker, Jascha, who was a great help for me to focus on my next steps on this journey of recovery. He kept me accountable and on track.

I highly recommend this program to all who find themselves in a bad situation and feel lost as to how to get back on track to obtaining their goals in life.” – Client’s name withheld to protect confidentiality