LIFE-LEGACY-LOGO When we talk to our children, we don’t always know if they are listening to us.  I don’t know about you, but I’m always worried it is going in one ear and out the other.

But there is a statement we can make to our children – and grandchildren – and across the generations, a statement we know they will hear.  We do have a way to convey our values, convey what is really important to us.  By participating in the Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando Life & Legacy Campaign, we can speak to our children in a way that is louder and clearer than mere words could ever be.

Remember the story of the man who plants a tree, knowing he will not live to see its fruit?   Jewish tradition reminds us to recount throughout the generations the story of this man who plants selflessly for the generations to come.  When we contribute to Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando Life & Legacy Program, we plant a tree – carrying on a legacy through our children and grandchildren, sustaining our traditions through an uncertain future.

Fortunately, building a nest-egg at Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando and securing a strong financial base for our vital programs and services is within the means of each one of us.

An endowment gift arrangement can be simple or complicated – it all depends on the individual donor, with attention to his or her needs and the needs of family.  If you are not currently prepared to make an outright endowment gift – for example, cash or appreciated securities – consider a bequest, the simplest of charitable gifts.  A charitable bequest may be made in any amount, large or small.

If you already have a will, a bequest to Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando can be made with a simple codicil.   For example, you might mail your attorney your wishes for a codicil to your will that reads something like the following:  “I give, devise, and bequeath to Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando [or the name and address of the congregation, day school, or other charitable organization you most value] the sum of $____________   to be used for its general purposes [or a specific purpose defined by you, the donor].”

Or, to be certain that the financial security of your family and others is adequately arranged after your death, you might ask your attorney to make your gift to Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando Endowment in a residuary bequest, since this type of bequest is used to give a gift from the estate after all debts, taxes, expenses, and other bequests have been paid.

Thanks to your foresight and generosity, Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando will continue to thrive and support the community in their time of need.


To learn more about an endowment gift that meets your budget, or to obtain additional sample language for a codicil to your will, please contact Eric Geboff, Executive Director, Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando, 2100 Lee Rd., Winter Park FL 32789;; 407-644-7593 x 238.