April“When I first learned about Jewish Family Services, my daughter and I were living with strangers. I was appreciative, but still under tremendous stress. My daughter’s father had been picked up by Immigration for something that if we had money we could have fought. We tried to keep our family together, but then he was deported. He had been the bread winner. Without his support, I found myself a single mother struggling to keep my baby housed and fed.

In need of help, a social worker on encouraged me to call JFS Orlando. I am so grateful that I did. They provide so many amazing programs to help struggling families, like us, get back on their feet. I got emotional support from counselors to learn to deal with stress and guidance from my caseworker to have a fresh start. The staff here have become like a second family to us. Because of JFS Orlando, today my baby and I have our own apartment, food and lights. We are better today because of the charity of individual people and corporations who support Jewish Family Services. Thank you.” – April