Annie came to us just out of an abusive relationship. Alone and unsure of herself, she came to JFS Orlando’s Family Stabilization Program weary of asking for help. Here she found acceptance and guidance. “They helped me pick myself up. My case manager followed Annie 3up. I knew when he called, it was because he cared.” Her case manager says, “Annie has worked hard to better herself. Clients like her make my job easy. She is motivated. She came to classes and counseling sessions with a great attitude. She did the work needed to change her life around.” JFS Orlando was able to help Annie out with mortgage assistance and food. During the FSP classes Annie learned such things as budgeting and resume writing. She was also referred to partnering agencies for additional assistance. Annie just needed a little hand up… not a hand out. Last year, our Family Stabilization Program helped 43 families, like Annie’s, to mitigate immediate crises and achieve long-term stability and self-sufficiency. Way to go, Annie!