September is Self-Care Awareness Month. It’s an important time to remember to take care of yourself and put your needs first, no matter how hard it may be.

How often do we feel that we need to be on top of tasks, places, and the needs of others? Probably everyday. We hardly even stop to take care of ourselves. And where does that leave us? There is plenty of evidence to indicate how taking care of ourselves is actually the best way we can be there for others and for the many tasks that life gives us.

There are numerous ways that people consider self-care. But the thing with self-care is that you are the one that truly knows which ways are best for you. And remember: we are talking about healthy ways to do this. Let’s go over ten ways that you’ve probably used before but have forgotten.

1. Get sufficient sleep.
Sleep for 7- 8 hours and try to find at least 30 minutes of your day to just chill.

2. Ask for help.
Sometimes being able to accept help when you need it is good for you. And guess what? It also benefits the other person making you both feel valued. Two for the price of one.

3. Express gratitude.
Simple, right? Well it is and yet we forget to see what is right before us and makes us feel good about our day, month, or life. It can be done by journaling or sharing our gratitude with others.

4. Use your five senses.
Hold a pet in your arms. Cuddle up under a comfy warm blanket with a nice book. Listen to music that helps you feel relaxed. Take a nice warm shower or warm bath.

5. Make a spiritual connection.
This doesn’t necessarily need to be religious—meditation is also a great way to reconnect your mind, body, and soul. Try one of the many apps, classes, or YouTube videos available online. Take a walk in nature for just 10 minutes. Or just be mindful and aware of your movements during regular daily tasks, even right now.

6. Eat your veggies.
Remember them? There is something to be said about eating healthy and putting good food in your body to boost your self-care and feel nurtured in different ways.

7. Connect.
Call someone, write an email to someone you miss, send a card to a loved one, or go have chocolate with a friend!

8. Let’s get physical.
Play dodgeball, soccer, badminton, or anything else that suits you. Go for a nice walk. Try yoga, a great way to take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs all at once. Hey, you can even put on one of your favorite tunes to groove to and dance!

9. Cut the cord.
Unhealthy people can drag you down and make you feel awful. Set healthy boundaries with them, even if it’s with those you love. Yes, it might feel awkward and it’s not easy, however, sometimes it is needed.

10. Laugh.
Remember when you were a kid and something just made you laugh just because? Let that kid out again! Laughter is truly the best medicine.

Whichever you choose, try out at least three of these. It’ll benefit you and all of those around you. You’ll notice how much better you’ll feel. Best self-care!

Want more tips? Whether you’re going through a difficult time or just need someone to talk to about your regular day-to-day, JFS Orlando has licensed counselors that can help you get some self-care. To schedule an appointment, call 407-644-7593 ext. 247 or email today!


Author: Carla Fischer, MA, LMHC, LMT

Carla Fischer has been a Mental Health Counselor for over 15 years. She received her training for Mental Health Counseling at Webster University in Central Florida. Carla has traveled extensively; through that experience she developed an understanding of culture and discovered that background shapes who we are and how we experience the world. Carla is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish she also has a good control of the German Language. Carla approaches Mental Health Counseling therapy with an open heart and mind.  She is aware that the willingness to start opening up and dealing with emotions is the first step in finding solutions to whatever concerns the client. The use of body centering or emotional centered therapy has been an integral part of helping her clients find balance in their lives and work through some of the difficulties that they might face.