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July 2018 Board Corner: Marty Sherman

Marty Sherman, Regional Vice President for Landry’s Inc., has been a member of the JFS Orlando Board of Directors for 16 years and served as President for four years. His company, Landry’s is also an ardent supporter of JFS, both financially and with in-kind donations. Marty has lived in Dr. Phillips, Florida for 21 years after relocating to Central Florida from Maui. His wife, Hope works for Walt Disney World, his daughter is a sophomore at UF and his son is a senior at Dr. Philips High School.

Marty serves on the JFS board and the Community Kitchen Advisory Board at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida because he is passionate about all efforts focused on solving the problem of hunger in Central Florida. By supporting the mission of JFS he hopes to “help those in our community who cannot help themselves, and to teach those in our community the skills they need to eventually help themselves.” If this mission is successful, in the next 40 years, he hopes the community will no longer need help from organizations like JFS.

Interested in helping families in crisis right here in Central Florida? Apply to join our Board of Directors by completing an application and emailing it to

June 2018 Board Corner: Mike McKee

Mike has served as JFS Orlando’s Board President since 2013 and as a Board Member since 2009. He holds both a degree in economics and an MBA from Rollins College. He lives in Maitland, Florida, with his wife and two sons. Mike is the President of Inspire Capital Management, LLC. and holds a CFP® designation. In 2017, he authored BIG INCOME – Creating Wealth with Covered Calls, available on Amazon. He also coaches Little League Baseball.

When asked why he serves on the Board for JFS Orlando, Mike replied, “JFS provides a unique opportunity to provide a hand up to families in crisis. We hear so many awful stories on the local news. People are suffering right here in Central Florida. JFS gives me an opportunity to do something about it. I love that I’m able to help out with such a worthy cause.”

Interested in helping families in crisis right here in Central Florida? Apply to join our Board of Directors by completing an application and emailing it to

May 2018 Board Corner: Lynn Minkow

As JFS Orlando celebrates 40 years of serving the community, we take a moment and highlight one of our board members. Lynn Minkow is the daughter of Audrey and David Pearlman, who were avid supporters of JFS Orlando, and provided the funding that endowed the Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry. 

Lynn is a graduate of Tulane University and holds an MBA in Marketing from New York University. She has 2 children and one grandson. She has been a fashion stylist with the Etcetera Collection for 18 years, and works nationally with the company. Her hobbies are oil painting, yoga and Pilates and worldwide travel.  

When asked why she serves on the board for JFS Orlando, Lynn replied, “I serve to continue the vision and work of my parents. The work of JFS impacts so many of the less fortunate in our community and it is a way that I am able to help make a positive difference in their lives.” Lynn hopes that JFS will still be helping the Central Florida community in the next 40 years.

Interested in making a positive impact in the community? Apply to join our Board of Directors by completing an application and emailing it to

Hurricane Irma

hurricane-irma-satellite-noaa-ht-jc-170905_12x5_992Hurricane Irma Update: Irma has left many Central Floridians without the most basic of needs: food, water and shelter. JFS Orlando has addressed those exact needs for nearly 40 years and we continue to open our doors and outstretch our hands to lift up those in need. After a natural disaster, it is amazing to see a community band together and help neighbors in need. Now that we have begun to pick up the pieces, many of you are asking how you can help. We have listed our most urgent Agency needs below and appreciate your support!

1. DONATE NON-PERISHABLE FOOD. Our Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry is expecting numbers to continue to rise as power is restored and citizens are able to replenish their food that spoiled. Donations can be dropped off at our building located at The George Wolly Center 2100 Lee Rd., Winter Park, FL 32789.
2. MONETARY DONATIONS. Much of the food we give out through the pantry is purchased from a local food bank. Every dollar donated turns into $6 worth of purchasing power to supplement what we do not get donated from the community. Donations can be made online at or by calling Amanda Benedit at 407-644-7593 ext. 227
3. VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME. Our food pantry is staffed by a wonderful core group of volunteers, however, with increased numbers of clients we will likely extend our pantry hours and need your help to distribute food to those in need. You can apply to become a volunteer by calling Amanda Benedit 407-644-7593 ext. 227.

For additional information on how you can help with Hurricane Irma Relief, please visit or call 407-644-7593.

JFS Orlando receives $50,000 for FSP!

Check presentationJFS Orlando recently received a $50,000 grant from the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund, a McCormick Foundation Fund. The grant will support JFS Orlando’s Family Stabilization Program.

The Family Stabilization Program is designed to help family’s improve overall stability and self-sufficiency. This program assists clients with budgeting, individual financial counseling, mental health counseling and providing case management to help improve their educational and/or employment status. 

“We are more than grateful for the generous support that the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund has provided JFS Orlando over the past 15 years,” says JFS Orlando Executive Director Eric Geboff. “The Family Stabilization Program continues to grow every year, and the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund has helped expand our services to assist more families in need.”

In 2016, JFS Orlando assisted 101 families through the Family Stabilization Program and had a 96% success rate. The success rate is determined by the completion of the 6-month program and improvement to their overall stability and self-sufficiency.

$585,000 was distributed to 13 nonprofit organizations in Central Florida through the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund in this grant cycle.

JFS Orlando Open House

Mary Lee and David

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NOW & LATER: Supporting JFS – sweet as candy!

Do you remember the candy called “NOW and LATER”? It was a combination of Laffy Taffy and Starburst and their slogan was “Eat some NOW and save some for LATER.” This is a great concept for candy, but you might be asking yourself, what does this have to do with Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando?

We all think about the future of the Jewish community. When speaking with JFS supporters and community members I reflect often on what JFS needs today – and what it will need three, five, and ten years from now. I always try to look at the big picture. While the Annual Campaign is what supports us today and will provide JFS with our operating funds in 2017, bequests and legacy gifts are what will sustain JFS in the future.LIFE-LEGACY-LOGO

I recently spoke with a member of our community regarding our Life & Legacy Program. She wanted to know the best way to leave a gift to sustain JFS into the future. We discussed the simplest method which is a notation in her will designating funds, life insurance, an IRA or some other asset to JFS upon her passing. We also discussed a Charitable Gift Annuity, which would provide her income now, with the remainder of her donation being left to JFS upon her death. To accomplish this, all she has to do is consult with me and her attorney and fill out a declaration of intent form advising us that she has left a legacy gift.  

Please consider speaking with your estate attorney, financial planner or me about the many ways you can leave a legacy to Jewish Family Services. We would love to add your name to those of our other Life & Legacy donors, and know that your legacy gift can be at any amount that is meaningful to you…there is no amount that is too small or too large when it comes to sustaining JFS. Speaking from experience, participating in the Life & Legacy Program is a positive and uplifting thing to do, for you, your family and JFS. It’s as sweet as candy to support JFS, NOW and LATER.

-Eric Geboff, MSW, Executive Director

For more information on the JFS Orlando Life & Legacy Program, please contact Eric Geboff, Executive Director, 2100 Lee Rd. Winter Park, FL 32789 or or 407-644-7593 x 238.

Life & Legacy Giving and Capital Needs

LIFE-LEGACY-LOGOOver the past two years, we have written numerous articles on legacy giving as a gift planning tool for charitable giving.  Most of those articles addressed different vehicles that all donors can use to support their charities of choice during or after their lifetime, all of which may financially benefit their estates.  JFS Orlando is currently renovating its offices as a result of a generous grant from Orange County Government; however, those funds are not sufficient to address all of the capital needs of the Agency.

Projects that are not funded at this time include an updated security system (estimated cost – $15,000.00); new roof gutters (estimated cost $5,000.00); exterior building painting (estimated cost $5,000.00); exterior signage (estimated cost $5,000.00); building roof insulation replacement (estimated cost $2,500.00); AC ceiling diffusers (estimated cost $4,500.00); and parking lot resurfacing (estimated cost $10,000.00).

As such, we thought that we would use this timely opportunity to address the issue of legacy giving in support of capital projects.  

While donors can use one of many different vehicles to make a legacy gift to JFS Orlando, most legacy gifts for capital projects are bequests –  gifts of personal property, such as money, stock, bonds, or jewelry, owned by a decedent at the time of death which is directed by the provisions of the decedent’s will to a charity.  A portion of an irrevocable bequest will be credited to the capital campaign during the lifetime of the donor and 100% of the bequest will be credited to the capital campaign upon the death of the donor.  What a great legacy to leave to JFS Orlando – a donation that will enhance the facility that provides continual service to people in need in Central Florida!

Any assets transferred to JFS Orlando during the lifetime of donors may be considered charitable contributions and tax deductible to the extent provided by IRS regulations.  Donors should check with their tax professionals to determine the specific tax deductibility of their donations.

Capital donations made via legacy or a lifetime gift can immediately help JFS Orlando.  Improvements to JFS’ facility save operating funds and the purchase of needed equipment allows JFS Orlando to use its annually budgeted funds for programs and provide direct services to people in need.

For more information about legacy and capital giving, please contact JFS Executive Director, Eric Geboff at 407-644-7593 extension 238 or via e-mail at

JFS Orlando receives $150,000+ grant!


JFS Orlando received a grant for over $150,000, the largest grant this year, through the Orange County Community Development Block (CDBG) grant program. The funds will be used to assist with much needed agency renovations including replacing air conditioning units, installing new sewer lines, creating a new lobby space and upgrading the building entry to be ADA accessible.

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  • Eric Geboff, JFS Orlando Executive Director; Mitchell L. Glasser, Manager, Orange County Housing & Community Development Division; Rob Smith, Manager/Owner, E2 Homes; Matt Cox, Construction Director, E2 Homes

Build a Strong Future for the Next Generation


LIFE-LEGACY-LOGOThroughout the history of the Jewish people, the mandate to repair the world has been a unique characteristic of our culture. Our children are taught to embrace the concept of tzedakah through the examples of their parents and grandparents, volunteering, giving and caring for those unable to care for themselves.

Thanks in part to those who came before us, Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando has been able to have the human and financial resources to care for those in need, meet unexpected challenges and plan for the future. But ensuring that we will be able to do so in the future requires continued vision, commitment and a willingness to be part of a community. The choices we make today will have an enormous impact on the ability of Jewish Family Services to thrive for generations to come. This is the time to ensure our collective Jewish future by building a strong, secure and permanent JFS Orlando endowment through the Life & Legacy Program.

Doing so will allow JFS to continue to care for the most vulnerable in our community – the young, hungry and poor. Dignified and compassionate care for our seniors with limited means will be assured. A legacy gift will make eternal your commitment to all who walk through our doors in need of care.

Chances are, you already support Jewish Family Services. Have you considered including JFS in your estate plan, so you can continue making a difference for generations to come? You can express your values, honor your heritage and do something lasting and significant for the community. Through the JFS Life & Legacy Program, you can establish a legacy to enhance the future of Jewish Family Services and perpetuate the values you cherish.

For more information, please contact JFS Orlando Executive Director Eric Geboff at 407-644-7593 or or go to the JFS website at