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Our Mission

Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando (JFS Orlando) is a human services organization founded on the principles of community building, kindness, compassion and concern for the betterment of our world. Since 1978, JFS Orlando has provided social and emergency assistance services to those in need in the Central Florida community.
The mission of JFS Orlando is to provide vital, high-quality and innovative services to people in need, of all faiths, so that they can overcome challenges and lead fuller more structured lives. By collaborating with valuable community partners for financial contributions, program development and delivery, marketing and service from our volunteer, it is possible for the programs we offer to reach the people we serve every day.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2013 – Click to view

Emergency Services. Food Pantry. Counseling.

JFS Orlando provides social services and emergency assistance to struggling individuals and families throughout the entire Central Florida community. Our goal is to alleviate hunger and provide assistance to those in need.



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